A Recap Of Ibadan Care Social Media Training With Orphanage And Special Home Owners

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March 20, 2018
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A Recap Of Ibadan Care Social Media Training With Orphanage And Special Home Owners

It was a wonderful time at the digital and social media training session for the orphanage and homeowners in Ibadan on Sunday 13th May 2018

It was particularly exciting to see large-hearted people taking on the big responsibility of giving hope to the hopeless, rehabilitating the broken and reintegrating them back into the society.



The training hosted by auntylanreinitiative In partnership with Ibadan insider Care, TinklingD, and Wennovation hub had more than 20 orphanage and homeowners and directors in attendance from all parts of the city.



The expository training was anchored by one of the TinklingD team members and involved an in-depth explanation on how non-profit organisations could leverage on the social media as a means of increasing awareness of their foundations.


The interactive session involved the attendees telling their stories, pointing out their reasons for telling their stories and who they want to tell their stories to.



Attendees were taught how to tell their stories on social media platforms; creating engaging contents. An illustration used was the rehabilitative homes sharing stories about their wards during the rehabilitative journey. Another important lesson taught at the training was how to take professional shots with mobile phones for their social platforms.


Attendees were also educated on the best way to tell their stories in a way that their audience can appreciate and engage with them using free online tools like Canva, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse while leveraging on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Finally, attendees were given some bonus tips to create engaging contents on social media platforms. These tips include being genuine and sincere when telling their stories, using high-quality images relevant to their stories, using a call-to-action when necessary and always be willing to learn from others doing a very good job of telling their stories online.


Attendees were also given the opportunity to ask questions from the trainer. As a bonus to the attendees, there was a free opening of social media accounts for foundations without a social media account.




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